Monday, November 10, 2008

We have survived tech

I am falling in love with my show all over again.


The technical rehearsals this past weekend were astonishingly smooth, thanks in no part to my multi-talented and on the ball Lighting & Set designer and crew. Thank you so much!

And the show is starting to look sooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

So get your tickets...Only five shows and only 60 seats (it's a small house).

Info below.

Bellevue College Theatre Arts/Drama

7 Minutes to Midnight

World Premiere

Conceived and directed by Dennis Schebetta developed with the actors

Stop Gap Theatre
Nov. 14, 15, 21, 22 - 8:00 pm
Nov. 20 - 7:00 pm
$10 Students, $12 General

Buy Tickets early at Brown Paper Tickets

Please join a panel of BCC scientists, and the artists for a discussion following the Thurs. Nov. 20 performance.

Are you ready for that great atomic power? On July 16, 1945, the Trinity test in New Mexico awakens the Greek God Kronos (otherwise known as Saturn). After killing his father and devouring his own children, he was banished to the underworld by his son Zeus and is just waiting for the end of the world which will set him free. The dawning of the atomic age means the time draws nigh. Using text, movement and music, this ensemble-based play weaves together several stories from 1945 to now, showing Oppenheimer and other members of The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists as they try to warn the military and others about the impending cold war and the arms race. It examines the "nuclear" family of the 1950s, the fear of the 1980s, and how millions grew up under the shadow of a mushroom cloud. The clock is ticking for us all. Kronos is waiting, certain of mankind's destruction. What are you waiting for?

For more information about The Bulletin and The Doomsday Clock, check out the website:

Bellevue College is located at:

3000 Landerholm Circle SE
Bellevue, WA 98007

Friday, November 7, 2008

This is interesting

I think this map is interesting, given the most recent election...

Note to self: DO NOT move to any of these areas of the country.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wrong Turns

We are in the home stretch here of the show 7 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT (opening November 14th, next Friday, get your tickets now by going here--okay, here endeth the plug).

The most important thing of any show is the beginning.

This is true for writing a play, screenplay, novel, what have you. Its especially true if you're a director. That first ten minutes--heck, the first minute--is crucial. Either you grab your audience's attention right away or you spend a long, long time trying to bring them into it...the former is more effective. This doesn't mean you have to open with some huge TV serial killer moment or shock the audience or placate them or hit them at the lowest common denominator. It means that first image, sound, text is going to be crucial. So you gotta get it right.

For the past month, we hadn't gotten it right.

It's not the actors fault--they were actually doing quite well with what we had been working with in the aspects of the opening. But it just didn't fit with the show we were creating. It was too long, too tangential, and not quite as meaningful. It didn't set up the tone for the rest of the show.

We struggled to work with the opening a lot these past few weeks.

I'm proud to say that on Monday night, we found it. Or it found us. Whatever.

It is a simple, beautiful, and appropriate way to start our show...

Yeah for us!

(And man, am I ever relieved as Tech is this weekend...phew!)

But as I said to one actor, "Some times you have to take a lot of wrong turns before you finally figure out which road is the right one."

Just part of the process.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Can a Vote be Rocked? And how would you rock it?

Did you vote?

I'm not going to say who I voted for (Obama), or tell you which candidate I think is best (Obama), but I do think (Obama) that it is time for change (Obama) and that no matter which candidate (Obama) you vote for (Obama), you need to have your voice heard (Obama).

Get out the vote.

Monday, November 3, 2008