Wednesday, September 24, 2008

If this were a sitcom, we'd be in syndication

This is the 100th post!!!!

That doesn't really mean anything. I mean, it's not like I accomplished running a marathon or writing a book or building a house.

It basically means that at least 100 times this year I have been either bored or thoughtful enough to interrupt my day by bringing you some taste of triviality to your life.

Yeah, me!

As a celebration, let's all print out this 100 dollar bill and see if we can spend it.

Here are some other trivia items regarding the number 100 (courtesy of me and wikipedia):

100 is a good enough golf score for me
The 100 dollar bill is the highest denomination in print of US dollars
100 dollars is also how much money I've lost in bets thinking I can break 100 on the golf course
100 is about 25 cents in Indian Rupees
100 is the number of times I've said, "Maybe I should bet in Rupees".
100 is the number of yards in a football feild
100 milliseconds is about how much football I like to watch
100 is the number of tiles in a Scrabble set
100 games of Scrabble would make me want to pull my eyeballs out of their sockets
The 100 Years War didn't actually last a 100 years
100 years is not the actual length of Oliver Stone's movie JFK, but it feels like it
"100 Years" is a song by Five for Fighting
100 seconds is how long Five for Fighting remained on the pop culture radar
100 degrees celcius is the boiling point of water
-100 degrees is an average winter day in Buffalo
The first 100 days is an arbitrary benchmark for the US President
100 hours is how long it would take to retrain a person who incorrectly pronounces "nuclear"
100 Senators sit on the US Senate
100 days a year are spent by US Senators arguing about how much pay increase they should receive
100% is actually the maximum amount of energy you can give, despite what your football coach told you
100 is the number of people in the world who have not heard of Facebook

And finally...

A 100 year old person is called a centenarian and they are allowed to say and do whatever the hell they want.

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