Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Get 'em While They're Young

So I’m just reading my news on and then I see this:

Army using video games to tempt recruits

Can I just say WTF!?!

It’s bad enough I have to sit through this crazy MTV style “Citizen Soldier” ad every time I go to see a movie up by my home, but now the US Army is spending our tax money for what is essentially an Armed Forces video game amusement park?

I don’t even know where to begin to comment.

Is it because it’s in Philadelphia?

(Why Philly? Are they going for working class? Middle income or lower income?)

The fact that they call it an “experiment”.

(Hey, give me $12 million and I can do some experimental theatre and it will last a lot longer than a few years and reach a lot more youth then just teen-agers in Philly.)

But nope, I think it’s just the fact that they are wasting 12 MILLION DOLLARS so that teenage boys can play shoot ‘em up on a videoscreen, which, duh, THEY DO ANYWAY.

It’s money that could be used for education (I’m sure the schools in Philadelphia could find a use for it).

I’m not a banker, but that money could probably bail out a hundred people’s mortgages right there.

It’s money that could fund a major nonprofit theater for two years.

Heck, it’s money that could go to protecting the lives of the soldiers who are currently getting shot at in Iraq.

Or it’s money to pump into the VA…

And on and on…

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