Thursday, February 5, 2009

Forgetting that forgettable movie

We watched the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night.

It was, shall we say, forgettable.

There was some gross jokes, lots of sex, lots of wailing and oh-poor-me woes by the protagonist, and then we watched a pig get gutted.

That was in the first hour. We did not see the second hour.

For the record, I'm okay with gross jokes, sex and the occasional pig gutting (thought not always in the same movie). I loved Superbad. And Knocked-up had its own comedic charm.

Judd Apatow movies are like advocacy movies for simple, not-so-great looking chubby guys with some charm but not much else going for them.

Because us guys don't always want to see pretty people like Brad Pitt getting younger or more pretty. Somtimes we like to see normal guys drinking beer, eating bad foods and talking about sex.

It's sad, but its true.

Anyway, I kept thinking to myself, this should be funny…the premise is not great but good enough. Man gets dumped, man goes to Hawaii to forget about his ex- and ends up at same resort as her, falls in love with the hired help. The plot is pretty formulaic, following the standard on-the-rails forward progression of most romantic comedies. But that isn’t why it wasn't good. The cast was talented--a lot of the Judd Apatow regulars. So the acting isn’t why it sucked.

Bottom line really is it just wasn't funny.

Although, reading the blog over at celluloid blonde (coincidentally, she just watched the movie and turned it off early, as well), I knew that part of the problem was it wasn't geared toward the right audience--its a rom-com that should cater to women as well as men.

And celluloid blonde bluntly says, about not just women, but everyone:

“No one goes to see a romantic movie to watch a pig get gutted.”

‘nuff said.

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