Saturday, May 23, 2009

Writing Sucks!

Okay, I've not posted for awhile.

I've been busy.


You know. Real writing. Not just putting random thoughts down on a blog.

That's what I mean by "Writing Sucks!"

Writing sucks...

your time
your thoughts
your energy
your emotions
your social life
your family life
your sleep
your everything

Oh, an writing also sucks in that writing is hard.

I'm adapting a play into a full-length screenplay. The rough draft is almost complete after about eight days.

It sucks about as much as you think it would suck to completely re-imagine an entire script, which I've spent the past two years making sure it will work really well on stage, so that it works really well on film.

I am learning once again how vastly different the two mediums are.

In a good way.

But it still sucks.

And somewhere deep down inside of me I have to fight that inner demon of a critic, that cynic sitting on my shoulder whispering, "Your writing sucks..."

Back off, man. I'm working here.

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