Monday, June 15, 2009

Evidently Plays Just Write Themselves

I just heard about this via Mead Hunter--the Drammy awards are Portland theater awards and evidently everyone deserves recognition...except the playwright.


To read about how 30 playwrights responded with a very polite "up yours!" letter, go here.

Why does this get me so pissed off?

Because I've heard directors and artistic directors bemoan how there's no good playwriting or no good new works but on the same token allow for no support for playwrights and create no incentives for good playwriting. It's really a small thing to give recognition for writing a good play in the same way that an actor gets recognition for a performance. So just do it. Give props where its due.

It's like giving Xmas gifts to all your kids except one. Why would you do that?

We don't deserve to be forgotten. If the person running the box office gets a Drammy award (I mean, I've done both box office and playwriting and I'm gonna tell you right now playwriting is MUCH harder and the hours are much worse...), then so should playwrights.

Of course, if you really like rehashing revivals of musicals and seeing bad Shakespeare, then by all means, never mind.

But by the way, even Shakespeare was a new playwright at one time (and not always revered).

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