Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beware these thoughts when starting a new project

These are by no means the "TOP TEN", but if you're like me, when you're starting a new project, they find their way sneaking into the back of your brain. 

None of them are worth paying any actual attention to.  Don't ignore them, though. Recognize these little dark demons lurking in the corner so you can look them straight in the eye and say, "BUZZ OFF!"

1)            “My desk needs to be organized all over gain.”

2)            “This is going to be total crap”

3)            “What will people think of me after I write this?”

4)            “I don’t think this is very original.”

5)            “What’s the point—no one will read it”

6)            “Why is it so hard to get this thing started?  It shouldn’t be this hard!”

7)            “I think there are some dirty dishes in the sink.”

8)            “My old high school English teacher was so right—this isn’t even worth handing in to her…”

9)            “Maybe I should take up gardening.”

10)         “I’ll write tomorrow—I’m not inspired today.”

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