Saturday, March 19, 2011

Know thy enemy

As I’ve posted before, I submitted a short script for the Film Factory competition, hosted by Steeltown Entertainment.  

They announced the finalists and unfortunately I didn't make the cut (hey, them's the breaks but there's always next year).

True to the Film Factory's aim of education, they've posted the scripts that were selected as finalists online.  This is great to learn about what others are writing but also to see what kinds of scripts the judges liked or didn't like.  They do range in style and story but the southwestern Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh region is central to all of them in some way.  

Read the competition here

On March 26, next Saturday, the semi-finalists selected out of this group will pitch their scripts (now rewritten based on feedback) to three Hollywood producers, right here in Pittsburgh at Point Park University downtown.  

Read more about that event here.

Reading and watching to see what others do well or not well is an education you shouldn't pass up.  It's a competitive market out there and although, its not accurate to think of your fellow writers as "enemies", you should know who is writing the same kind of stuff you are and then make your work even more unique.

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