Sunday, July 1, 2007


Just got an email about the fabuluous news--my full-length screenplay DYLANOLGY has just made the list as a SEMI-FINALIST in the Bluecat Screenwriting competition! It is in the top 10 percent of scripts, along with about 200 or so others (which means they received well over 2000 scripts). Not bad, especially considering it was the old draft before two other rewrites. It hopefully will fare well then in the Nicholls or the Austin competition but we'll see.

I will find out on July 15th if it makes the cut for the five finalists, and then in August they announce the winner. Keep your fingers crossed.

If you're aren't aware, Bluecat is a relatively new competition run by another screenwriter in L.A., Gordy Hoffman (the brother of Philip Seymour Hoffman and writer of LOVE LIZA). For the complete list, and to see my name in lights, here's the link:

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