Monday, August 20, 2007

"I am McLovin'!"

This will be short—Superbad super rocks!

Okay, I know it’s a bit raunchy…it’s a bit crass…and seriously, it’s about two high school kids trying to score booze so they can score with some hot chicks…but the movie is like a “hooker with a heart of gold”. You just can’t help sympathizing with those kids. High school sucks. It’s got its ups, its downs, its weirdness and its own rules. Screenwriters Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg have milked all of their own autobiographical horrors into a giant monster comedy hit.

They say write what you know and here’s an example of it working quite well. I mean, Seth and Evan even named the characters after themselves (kinda gimmicky really, but still, endearing).

Of course, not everyone is as talented and funny as Seth and Evan and let’s face it, although they claim to have started writing this movie at 13, this movie was definitely not written by a 13 year old. Seth acted and wrote for the TV show “Freaks & Geeks” years before acting in “Knocked Up”.

And there’s the scary thought, because now some 13 year old wannabe screenwriter (or even a 20 year old ) will believe that hype and we’ll see thousands of imitation Superbads. These scripts will be pouring with raunchy jokes and racy language. The problem is these raunchy jokes will only exist for the sake of raunchy jokes as the screenwriters will forget that you still need a great story and some kind of character development.

Because Superbad is really not just about getting booze and getting laid (though that’s a huge part of this movie). It’s really about two best friends scared out of their minds about going to different colleges. And that taps into the idea of ending one chapter in your life and beginning another…who can’t relate to it?

And it has McLovin...

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