Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Let the Sunshine In...Please, dear God...Sunshine!

To the right you'll see the world's smallest violin playing for me because I'm about to whine a little...


I don’t mind when it rains. I live in Seattle. It’s supposed to rain.

In fact, sometimes there’s nothing nicer than a rainy day…You can drink some coffee, read a book, do some writing, go see a movie…it can be calming, even. I’ll even play golf in the rain, like I did on Sunday.

But I must say last winter was a hard winter. It wasn’t just the rain but the lack of sunlight on top of it. I’m not looking forward to the next winter. People up here are heartier than me, I think, and more used to it. I grew up in a desert.

Last week we had some really nice weather (Partly cloudy with some sunshine in the 60s to 70s). We romped the town with Lisa’s mom and step-dad. Lotta fun. But now it’s been raining for three days. First day of rain it was nice to have a break from the sun. Second day was okay. But now the third day the clouds have outworn their welcome. I’m ready for some sunshine. This is August. It’s supposed to be summer.

Also, we’re going out to Marymoor park for the WILCO concert later today. It’s outdoors on the grass. We even bought little beach chairs last night at Target.

My mom told me that in Reno they’re having like their thirtieth day without rain…now that may be too much sunshine, but it still made me a little envious.

I’m trying to think of analogy for the rain…and creativity or writing or something…like comparing the rain to inspiration or “when the well runs dry” blah blah blah…but honestly nothing is coming to mind…maybe my well really has run dry.

Seattlities have as many names for rain as the Eskimos have for snow. Seriously.

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