Friday, May 2, 2008

Talent Means Nothing if You Don't Show Up to Work

So I got this strange message the other day on my voicemail:

“Hi, Dennis, are you there? Where are you? I, uh, well, I’m, y’know, haven’t been around for a bit, but…Well, (god I hate messages), but I’m, uh, just calling to see where you’re at…I looked for you at you computer, but you weren’t there which is too bad because I’ve got this really great idea I want to tell you about for a play. I went to the usual places, like the coffee shop, bookstore and even the golf course. You know I hate sending email, but…well, let me know when you’ll be around…or something…great. Hope to see you soon. You sure you’re not there…? No. Okay. Bye.”

At first I was a bit confused because the voice sounded really familiar to me but I couldn’t really place it.

It wasn’t my mom…or any of my friends…but…

Then I remembered…

It was the Muse

And man I hate not being around when she calls.

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