Thursday, May 22, 2008

You call him Dr. Jones, doll!

Indiana Jones punches his way into theaters today!

I like to think of it as...bullwhip day!

Sadly, due to a too busy schedule (and the ever decreasing ability to stay up late), I will not be able to see this exciting action movie that fans have been waiting twenty years to see…

Cue violins now.

The only action I'm seeing today involves my ass on a chair sitting at my keyboard, typing...

Cue Indiana Jones music as we see Dennis typing frantically at the keyboard, the iconic fedora on his head, his bullwhip resting on the table nearby...

Eh, just doesn't quite work, does it?

Why so darn busy? Why am I not seeing it till later this weekend? I keep asking that myself.

Here’s what I’m doing:

The Double Shot Theater Festival!

(yes, another freakin’ 24 hour play festival and no, I don’t know why I feel the necessity to do put myself through the torture of writing a play in an evening).

The shows are this Friday and Saturday, 7 pm and 9 pm at the Norton Clapp Theater at Jones Hall on the University of Puget Sound Campus (that’s Tacoma…c’mon, its not that far from Seattle…really!). I’ll be writing for the Saturday night shows, which means I’ll be watching the Friday night ones and taking notes before receiving my “assignment” to go off and write a 10 minute play in the span of an evening.

Tickets are only 10 bucks and benefit the NPA new play reading series.

And yes, if you want to know, I do have a bullwhip…

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