Monday, November 12, 2007

The Suckage Continues...

Rewriting is not fun. I had a crappy weekend of reworking sludge into different sludge.

Maybe I should just stop writing, put my pencils down, be on strike like all the other WGA members.

Here's some of the cast from Reno 911. I love their advice to "go see some plays".

Yes, that strike thing is going on. And if you’re not aware, the labor unions on Broadway are striking, too. Totally seperate issues, but really its the same old story. Guess what the producers are saying about them? Yep. They’re so bratty. They’re spoiled. They’re acting like children…Those greedy bastards want to be paid fairly. Who do they think they are?

But who’s really got the big houses and paychecks?

It ain’t the writers and it ain’t the stagehands.

It’s the producers. Mainly, the corporations. I’m not big on corporations, especially having worked for a few of the big ones.

Seriously, read this:

And if you don’t know what residuals are or why they’re important, read John’s blog.

So what can you do?

Don't buy any DVDs. Don't download any movies or TV from iTunes or anywhere else. Make a small contribution. Because the 10 or 20 bucks you're spending on that downloaded movie is taking money out of a writer's pocket.

And really if you're taking money from one writer, you're contributing to how all writers are getting screwed. That includes me.

Please don't take money out of my pocket.

Please. Thank you.

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