Saturday, November 10, 2007

Watching the movie in my head

Today I read through my "random draft". Out loud. Nonstop.

Other than the fact that I'm not a good enough actor to read all the parts, some of it wasn't too bad. A lot of it sucked. But not all of it.

There is a movie there.

Some parts of the movie are downright fun. Some sweet. Some of it is really boring. What was once only in my head exists now on paper. I gotta say, that's pretty cool. I'm going to enjoy that accomplishhment, at least for the day.

But I gotta say, writing this draft so fast like that...a lot of it is really honest. There's a lot of me in the main character, which usually doesn't happen. I mean, when you're writing, most of the time you're writing about yourself, but this time I'm really focusing on an aspect of myself (especially the stage manager persona I created while on tour). And although there's a lot of fictional circumstances--okay, most of it is fiction--there are somethings that did happen, albeit not exactly the way it happens in the script.

For instance, I did fall off a stage into the orchestra pit and break my arm. Not for the love of a woman, but still...

So okay, now that I see what I got. Time to rewrite. I'll go get my shovel and some scissors...

To dig through the crap and cut stuff out...

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