Saturday, March 8, 2008

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So I’m flying through the air on the first of two overnight flights and I realize that this trip will be the longest flight time I’ve ever accumulated. I’ve been advised not to sleep on the first flight in order that I can get some sleep on the next and help to adjust to the 12 hour time difference. So I’m going to try that. This means that when I land in London at 12 noon, it will really be 3 am my time. And I’ll have to stay up till at least 6:30 am for the next flight.

I feel a little bit like I’m back in undergrad when I pulled all-nighters on a regular basis—sometimes for work and sometimes for fun.

Hey, I did my undergrad work in Vegas. It’s not that uncommon.

And I manage to do it...falling asleep for about three hours on the second overnight that's three hours of sleep in 26 hours...yuck!

This trip to India is also the farthest I’ve been from home. And that’s a little freaky. I don’t actually know the distance in miles, but there is a metaphorical thing there…an idea of being so distant and far away.

Added to the fact that I’m going to a country that is completely foreign to me. And this is not a fun trip, but a working trip. We’re going into the urban slums and to see rural village health clinics. I’m going to be driving through the countryside and flying from Delhi to Lucknow to Bareilly to Bhopal. It’s the kind of once-in-a-lifetime trip that most people never get to experience. And I think I’m trying to get used to that idea.

And I’m in business class which also takes a certain getting used to…Man, are these sleeper seats comfy! And the food is yummy!

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