Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Albatross at NPA reading in Tacoma

This Monday night I'll be heading down to Tacoma for a reading of my newest full-length play THE ALBATROSS, presented by the Northwest Playwrights Alliance. It will be directed by Darian Lindle (she who directed the bachelorette party play in 14/48) and will feature the acting talent of Erin Kraft, Chris Bell and Malcolm Womack.

Plus, there is wine for a small suggested donation and a cheerful discussion of the play afterwards.

It will be at 7 pm at Theater on the Square rehearsal hall, Broadway Center for the Performing Arts (905 Broadway).

Yes, I know its Tacoma but really its not that far...yes, traffic does suck so leave early, but it'll be fun. Come hang out and tell me what you think of the play. I really do want to know.

This is the same play that was read last month down in Portland. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, I have yet to get cracking on the rewrites, of which there may be some substantial and some minor changes. But this reading will be slightly more rehearsed and directed (though the cold reading in Portland was pretty darn impressive, I must say--thank you Andrew!). And I'm curious to see if the feedback and discussion of this draft might garner different results.

Then, in the month of June and July, I will get to work on those rewrites. In addition to working on 7 Minutes to Midnight.

I'm going to be a busy boy. But then, aren't I always...?

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