Friday, June 13, 2008

What was the big burning ball in the sky yesterday?

For that true Seattle experience, try this:

Take a sheet of gray paper. Could be dark grey or light grey, really doesn’t matter.

Put that sheet of paper in front of your face so that’s all you see.

For two weeks.

Then remove it for five minutes (if there is sunshine that’s an added plus).

Then put the grey sheet in front of your eyes again.



I say this because for the past two weeks it has been gray and gross out the window and then finally the sun came out yesterday afternoon! Everybody seemed very happy about it, saying "what a beautiful day!" as if that erased all the crappy days before it. Of course this weather didn't last long and it was back to the dreary old gray canvas the following morning.

But I'm like, people, c''s mid-JUNE!!! The sun showing its face for a copule of hours is literally the least that it can do. How about sunshine for an entire day? Is that too much to ask? The rest of the country has been having outdoor bbq's for a month already.

Which is why I’m looking forward to our much-needed vacation. We are driving down south, going to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. We’re going to see Our Town, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and a new play by Jeff Whitty called The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler (which is where that photo comes from).

I just love the logline: Does she need a bigger gun or a better author?


Then it’s off to visit the family in Nevada. I’m looking forward to it (despite just reading the nightmare family that lives in the play August: Osage County).

But the weather there will be sunny and 80 degrees.

Every day.

Like the exact opposite of weather in Seattle.

And my golf shots will go farther because of the altitude. Gotta love that.

The desert never seemed so welcoming.

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Jenna said...

Seattle reminds me of a story I once read, and then saw the short film made of it... I think it was a Bradbury story but I'm not sure. It is set in a place where the sun only comes out one day every seven or so years. The location is a school and there is a little girl that is being picked on by the other kids and they lock her in a closet only to forget her when the sun comes out... so she spends the whole time the sun is out in a closet with no windows. Pretty depressing... much like where you are. Not to brag, but Alamosa is sort of the opposite too (350 days of sunshine a year).