Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

So there are two anniversaries I will be celebrating this week.

The first is the one year anniversary of this blog.

Sure, I created the blog in April, but my first real post wasn't until June 2nd. That's when I decided that yes, I will in fact commit myself to writing something about writing and the theater in some serious way.

Yeah! Happy anniversary blog! Or birthday, or whatever.

This has been an interesting experiment in many ways. For years I have resisted the urge to publicly display my rambling thoughts, but have succumbed to the blogging trend and I must admit, it feels pretty good. There have been some good posts and some not-so-good posts, and many trivial ones in-between. Perhaps this year I’ll be more focused on actually writing about the creative process…like writing for stage and screen and other thoughts on the theater.

But most importantly, my wife and I will be celebrating our two year anniversary tomorrow.

Two years ago on June 3rd I decided that yes, I will in fact commit myself to this woman I love in a serious way.

Yeah, us! We totally rock!

It actually feels like only a few weeks ago that we were in western New York, surrounded by friends and family, and tying the knot on her folks front lawn in an elegant garden ceremony. It wasn't that odd of a wedding, but its interesting to note that the wedding party actually consisted of one broadway actor, two clowns, three black-belts, and an ex-costumer for strippers.

We thought it might've been fun to get the black belts drunk and have them do a face-off on the dance floor during the reception...but alas...that never happened.

But the clowns danced...a lot.

But you know what was really great? Other than the fact that we were surrounded by loved ones and finally getting hitched?

Waking up the next day as legal and spiritually bound "Mr. and Mrs."

As my old theatre professor would was liminal.

And then we ate wedding cake and mimosas…yummy!

As celebration, I brought back some real champagne from Paris when I had my layover there from India.

We may not have enough left over for mimosas, though.


Jenna said...

Happy Anniversary Dennis and Lisa!

Lisa said...

I married a fantastic man. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dennis and Lisa. I can't believe it's been 2 years already. That was a wonderful time we all had at your wedding.