Monday, February 4, 2008

This just astounds me...

Take a look, America, this is what you want...

According to MSNBC, that is.

"Time to re-think the strike" is the name of the article, written for and paid by the producers, otherwise known as NBC.

What bugs me about this article isn't just that they get all the facts wrong, although that's part of it. They have managed to paint the writers as evil wrongdoers who want to "bring the TV people to their knees".

Oh, you poor, lonely, misunderstood producers...everybody always trying to take your money away from you...

We don't want that, actually, because we like to work and put money on our table. Its not that we want a pay raise (well, okay, yes we'd like 4 more cents on a 19.99 DVD, that's true--we'll call that "our first raise in twenty years", how about?). The truth is we just don't want a pay cut (like when people buy movies over the internet).

The absurd part is that even though some reality shows do well, its hard to make the argument that we don't need any more scripted shows every again. I mean seriously, all I hear every day from people is complaints about how there is nothing good on anymore...When will the strike end?

Maybe soon. They are back in talks. And its not because the writers are worried about the "wrong tactics" but because producers realize if they don't get their scripts into production soon, their whole year is screwed.

Also, what's fun about this article, is they keep trying to bill reality shows as "nonscripted" when everyone in the business knows this is not the case. Those are non-union writers working there, writers usually getting less than they are worth, no healthcare, and unpaid overtime.

Yeah, sign us up for more American Gladiator! That's really what america wants to see, steroids in tights.

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