Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We’ve won the battle, but will we win the war?

Don’t get me wrong. The WGA strike is over and I’m very happy that the 92.5% of the WGA voting population is happy about the terms of the deal. Here’s to hoping we can go a shorter span than 20 years before our next raise of 4 cents on the dollar.

But, seriously, even though there was support for this strike in massive efforts as yet unseen for writers in the past century, I still can’t help but wonder about the population of people who have no clue how scripts get written and shows get made.

They think its easy money and that the writers are all driving BMWs. So did we educate any of these people that most writers are either unemployed or barely making their rent? I don’t know. I hope so…but then...well...

America is dumb. A lot of them like reality TV.

So that’s why I think its great we got this strike over with, but I still think there’s a war to be fought…

Now, the next question is “will the AMPTP try to screw the actors out of a good deal in June?”

Or will there be another strike bringing us yet more unwelcome reality TV.

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