Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What You Should Be Reading: Golden Globe scripts

Is it ironic or just coincidence that it was on Facebook that I noticed this link to the script of The Social Network (which is about Facebook)?

I was never all that clear on the whole irony v. coincidence thing.

And you really can't trust Alanis Morrisette to straighten that out.

I discovered a new website today, though, and that always makes me feel somewhat intrigued, considering that after awhile the internet starts to look like the same old neighborhood, seeing the same pages over and over again... Raindance is a UK-centric site for promoting indie film and there are some great tips and resources for writers, directors and artists of all kinds dabbling and working in the film industry.

And they have made it quite easy to read all the nominated scripts for the Golden Globes, including the winner, of course, that being The Social Network by Aaron Sorkin.

It's a fine year for brilliant screenplays, I must say.  Simone Beaufoy's 127 hours (hot on the heels of his amazing Slumdog Millionaire), and Christopher Nolan and Lisa Cholodenko, not to mention David Seidler's The King's Speech, which is the best movie about a guy with a speech impediment probably ever made.

If you want to write great scripts, you have to read great scripts.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go read them.  I did.  Okay, not all of them, not yet. But I will be.

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