Monday, February 28, 2011

BUS 6 Photos/Video by the amazing Jason Cohn

Jason Cohn was the photographer who followed me and rode my P68 bus for awhile out to Braddock Hills.  He got some great dramatic shots of me taking notes and looking really serious.  I mean, really serious, like thinking deep existential thoughts, like "Why are there hardly any people on this bus at 5 pm?' or "how am I supposed to anonymously observe the humanity of Pittsburgh commuters with this guy sticking a camera literally right in my face and taking a hundred photos?"

He took great shots and video of the actor parade then came back in the morning to take shots of the directors reading plays and the actors rehearsing.  Then he went home for just a few hours to put together this amazing video that they showed right before the 8 pm performance.

It's a beautiful recap of how it all went down over a 24 hour period.  Bravo, Jason!

By the way, the actors were told to bring in a prop, a costume item, tell a story of the worst trouble they got into, and sing a little bit of one of their guilty pleasure songs.  That's why I used Peter Cetera in my play.  But we had a little bit of everything going on Friday night.

B.U.S. 6 - Pittsburgh's Best Night Of Theater - Performance Version from Jason Cohn Productions on Vimeo.

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JennaN said...

This looks like it was a lot of fun...