Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spalding Gray, I wish I had known you

Tonight we're off to see the show Spalding Gray: Stories Left to Tell at the Warhol Museum.

If you don't know of Spalding Gray, I'm sorry.

Look him up.  Now.

Especially if you're reading some of these posts about building a solo show.  Everyone from Eric Bogosian to Mike Daisy who are doing autobiographical solo shows or performance works are standing on the shoulders of his groundbreaking work.

I remember seeing the video of Swimming to Cambodia years ago when I was in undergrad.  At the time, I'm not sure I fully appreciated the scope and power of it, the audacity and the genius of it.  I did know though, that I was completely mesmerized by the electricity of his writing and performance.

Spalding Gray is one of those performers I wish I had seen in person.  Although I'm looking forward to the presentation tonight, I know it won't quite be the same.

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