Friday, February 25, 2011

Here we go!

It's almost 11 pm right now.  I just got home from Bricolage in downtown about twenty minutes ago and have made some coffee and had a snack and am looking over my notes from my bus ride.

I took the P68 out to Braddock Hills.  I have to actually look on the map to really know where that is.  All I know is its in east Pittsburgh.

The actor parade was great--there is A LOT of talent here in Pittsburgh!  Part of me was enjoying the performances of stories and songs, and another part of me was checking my watch, thinking, "okay, I gotta go write something."

The funny thing is, my bus ride was the most boring bus ride ever.

Usually, without fail, I'm stuck on an overcrowded bus with lots of diverse characters, a cornucopia of dramatic fodder to use.  Tonight I was on a bus that had about ten people, all on their phones or listening to their headphones.  The bus ride back had two people in it, both of whom were asleep.  The scenery was mostly the East Liberty busway until we got closer to the Braddock Hills.  Then I started to see some images and ideas that could be used.  An indoor tennis court.  A boxing gym.  A graveyard.  I noted some of the names on some graves I saw.  There weren't a lot of people out and about since its a bit chilly out there.

And our theme for the evening is "abundance".

Perhaps my play will be about the lack of abundance...

Okay.  No time to procrastinate.  The clock is ticking...

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