Thursday, January 17, 2008

30 Rock Rocks!

Is it Tina?

Seriously, this show is the funniest thing on television I've ever seen.

We just started watching the episodes from Netflix and are working our way through the first series.

We are addicted. It's like crack cocaine...

(If I knew what it felt like to be on crack, that is...)

I feel like I've emerged from the dark cave of an unfunny world and suddenly beenb blinded by a great big burning ball of funny in the sky.

I've never really wanted to write for TV--just not my thing...but this show seriously makes me want to work on staff.

Is it just because I hardly ever watch TV that it just seems so intelligent, clever and fun? Or is it because it's set in NYC, which is an added plus?

Considering that Tina is such a damn good writer AND she created the show AND she stars in it...

It must be her.

I've always had a weakness for smart, beautiful and funny women...(which is why I married one).

I need more!

P.S.--I was going to put a clip of the show embedded from the NBC website in here but then realized that those bastard NBC people (run by mega-corp GE) are running ads with their clips, which means they're making money on those clips, but they're not paying the writers because you remember that strike thing? Yeah, well, it's still on...And it's gonna get harder to justify the "we won't make money on the internet, oh woe is us wealthy producers!" after six major studios signed an agreement with itunes in which they will make a ton of $$$...duh! End it you evil AMPTP! Bring back the funny!

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