Sunday, January 13, 2008

Never so glad for it to be Sunday

Last night was again sold out for both shows. It’s something truly amazing to see how the crowd really gets revved up to see these plays.

I was anxious and excited, not just because I wanted to see what my director and actors did with my play, but also to see how the other playwrights handled the theme “under pressure”.

The evening turned out more more theatrical and slightly absurdist with only a few plays taking any kind of realism approach, mine included (did I not get the memo?). We had a play about the Jesus Fridge 9000, imaginary boyfriends, a fairy tale about swine, two guys definitely not in paradise, and two children definitely in need of serious long-term therapy. And a tambourine player. You just don’t see many plays with the tambourine and it’s a real shame.

I was extremely pleased with my play MEASURE OF LOVE and felt so proud for it to be the show closer. Darian gave it wings! She rocks! Please direct anything of mine any time! All my actors were totally amazing and totally fun! It was so cool seeing how they fleshed out the characters and what they added. Thank you to Megan Ahiers, Bret Fetzer, Amy Fleetwood, Erin Stewart and Imogen Love. You all rock!

Here’s another photo from the 14/48 blog, courtesy of David Baum. Pictured are John Bartley and John Q. Public as Elvis and Bob in RESURRECTING THE KING. They have video clips of the Friday night show with the spectacular 4/48 band music, if you want to check it out.

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