Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Gearing up for 14/48

Not to boast, but I can type about 80 wpm.

Okay, so there are some errors when I type that fast, but still, that’s not too shabby.

(The speed is actually not too surprising for any of you who also play guitar or piano.)

I’m not trying to get too psyched out by the prospects of trying to write my ten-minute play in less then 12 hours. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been reading the 14/48 blog. Because it reminds me that this weekend I’ll need to do more than just fast typing.

(While I’m on that subject, one of my pet peeves in movies is when I see a character who is supposed to be a professional writer/journalist/novelist or what-have-you and the actor is typing in the scene with the hunt-and-peck method…seriously, folks…that’s just insulting. Cut away to a shot of hands that can type. Okay, here endeth the rant.)

This whole 14/48 thing is getting me pumped and I know that the timeframe really is intimidating, but only like having a water hazard on a simple par 3. The shot is really easy, but the margin for error is narrow. At least with 14/48, I get two shots.

Oh, and because I promised, I’ve narrowed the choice of headshots to these two—one b&w and one color.

(Photos by Susan Doupe and copywright 2007.)

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