Friday, April 4, 2008

Our Cat is a Superhero

This is totally off-topic but we have this cat...

Her name is Anna.

We have to lock her up in the other room at night because otherwise she roams around and prances on us and we don't ever sleep. This has been going on for years.

Anna does not like to be locked up at night. We have to trick her into the room with treats and/or catnip. But she is fooled every time.

But every night she scratches on the door. Constantly.

She either has no capacity to learn (which I sincerely doubt) or she likes to make us aware that she is unhappy with the present policy of being locked up at night.

And sometimes she throws herself against the door in an effort to open it up. No really. First time I heard it, I thought a prowler was in the house. You'd hear scratch, scratch...pause...BUMP!...scratch, scratch...pause...BUMP!. Odd thing is sometimes it actually worked. She has literally busted the door open.

To counter this we put a five pound dumbbell down to hold the door.

But she still busted it open, moving the dumbbell.

Anna is tiny. She weighs, like...3 pounds.

She is a super cat.

Anyway, this cartoon from youtube is funny and reminds me of our cat. There is another one of these cartoons where the cat wants to wake the owner up (which demonstrates why we lock her up.)

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